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Tula gingerbreads with imprints will become the best corporate souvenirs for any celebration. They are a pleasant gift be it a Russian or a foreign partner.

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Address: Russia, Tula, Demonstratsee Street 27, office 15

Zip-code: 300034

Phone: +7 (903)738-4943

Tel/Fax: +7 (4872) 25-04-49, 25-01-31, 25-02-32

E-mail: elin250449@gmail.com

E-mail: tula-pryanik@yandex.ru

About Tula

Tula city is the centre of Tula region, founded in 1146. The Tula region is a part of Central Federal District. Its population is approximately 500.000 inhabitants.

The city's main sightseeing place is Tula Kremlin. One of very few stone fortresses with an exact right angle design. The Kremlin has nine towers. Four of them are round — placed in the corners of the stronghold. Tula Kremlin has suffered many Tatar raids, and at least twice in its history played a big role in various battles.

Tula is famous for its unique arms, samovars, accordions and renowned Tula gingerbreads. It is a large industrial centre. Its main manufacturing branches are: black metallurgy, car manufacturing and metal processing, arms and confectionery production.

In the nearby farmstead Yasnaya Polana was born the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, the author of many well-known novels such as: “War and Peace”, “Anna Karenina”, “Resurrection”.

Yasnaya Polana is Leo Tolstoy's family estate. Here he has spent most of his life and here he was buried. Today Yasnaya Polana stays the same as it was in the times of Tolstoy.

Farmstead's memorial landscapes (gardens, parks, pounds, forests planted by Tolstoy) and structures of the late 18th' — early 19th ages, until today are kept unchanged.